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Web Design

Any web and graphics design work should be rich in content, informative, have attractive layout, easily navigable in short simple at the same time attractive. Web sites have become the most popular way of marketing your company through the World Wide Web at affordable rates.

Not all browsers see your web pages the same way. If you designed a great looking site using Microsoft Internet Explorer, try also viewing it in Netscape - it might look different! Keep changing it until it looks right in both browsers.

Not just ordinary websites, that look great graphically. Our websites follow WAI standards & recommendations set by World Wide Web W3C Consortium. We design accessible & usable hand-coded bespoke websites that are compliance with W3C standards (WAI-A. WAI-AA, WAI-AAA,WCAG 1.0).

By using latest technologies like XHTML, XML & CSS (CSS-based layouts instead table-based ones), we make sure that websites have valid & structured code to produce pages that will increase your target audiences and look great on almost all widely used web browsers and operating systems.

Using Web Standards we also maintain page file sizes and use images wisely to make sure our website loads faster even on dial-up connection for a better user experience.


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